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0) welcome to all new subscribers. there have been a few. why don’t
you add me on twitter? phikappa’s the name.
1) i should integrate this posterous on my webpage, as i should do
with the twitter updates.
2) i never thought there would be a page 2 on this blog. i mean, when
did i have ever taken something so far as to page 2?
3) i started and as it looks it is not
something that will reach page 2.
4) i met someone who reminded me of how cool being geeky is and that i
should not repudiate my geekery as much as i do
5) speaking of geekery, my project of transforming my old ipaq 3660
into a online music / streaming station is still out on the
ocean. phyton is installed and lastfmproxy sort of running, but, alas,
no web interface so far. on my wlan-enabled htc wizard everything is
fine, i hope phyton+lastfmproxy will love the cf wlan card and bind to
an IP address.
5a) installing a semi-actual version of phyton onto a complete enemy
of connectivity like the ipaq (no wlan, no bt, only ir. IR!) is crazy,
but feels warm and fuzzy. still, not surprisingly, i need the wlan
card to make that thing useful.

that’s all. for now.



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one computer caffeine for my computer friend, one normal caffeine for
me because i’m normal.


Can you tell the difference?

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Compare and see.

See the full gallery on posterous


Remind me, oh remind… Gmail

Monday, June 30th, 2008 | technology | No Comments

Because you will not find this easily on the web. Incredible as it sounds.

For our dear Robots: This is the Google Notifier 1.9.97 for Mac. ( also: GMail Notifier Google Notifier GoogleNotifier.dmg )

Click here to download:

GoogleNotifier(2).dmg (559 KB)

you’re welcome.


Technological disorientation

Monday, June 30th, 2008 | technology | No Comments

I’m soooo very tempted to change my current digital companions.

Right now, i have a HTC Wizard with WM6, a iPod nano 8 gb and a Powerbook.

What i would love? A Macbook and an (old) iPhone. Should i? Should i not?

– One device less to carry around
– A faster Mac (with Windows so i can sell my old Acer)
– a Camera that’s actually usable
– Would be cool.

– Still no UMTS
– None of the devices i currently have is really broken
– Nobody’ll buy the powerbook with its shaky screen
– Nobody’ll buy the nano 8 gb at the price i would ask (argh)
– …which leads us to… PRICE!!!! GRRRR!!!!

Well, if the AR project turns out ok, then i will have a serious
thought about it.


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Twittermail and Posterous.

Sunday, June 29th, 2008 | technology | No Comments

Twitter, please meet Posterous. Posterous, Twitter. Hope you’ll go
along well.

how? get a twittermail account and write also to the email address you’ve been given in addition to the usual your mail will appear on twitter and your posterous blog.

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Sunday, June 29th, 2008 | technology | No Comments

I absolutely need HelloTxt to integrate Posterous into their service.
I’ve send them an email, let’s hope they manage to do it.

I want to…

Sunday, June 29th, 2008 | technology | No Comments

I want my tweets to automagically appear here in my profile. How can i do that?


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