getting (old) iPatch patches to work in Leopard

Thursday, September 11th, 2008 | technology | 36 Comments

There are some no dvd or hardware check disabling patches for Mac OS X games that aren’t working anymore in Leopard, crashing on start if not launched with rosetta and failing the verification of SHA1 checksums for the files to be patched even if they are the correct version. Some examples for this issue are the patches for Civilization IV and Call of Duty 2 for Mac OS X released by… (argh i have to check this at home).

As I found out, in order to fix them download iPatch 3.7.1 from and then explore the package’s content. You will find under /Contents/Resources an app called iPatcher, explore that file’s content again by right clicking and find a nice unix executable-style file named, you’ll never guess it, ipatcher under /Contents/MacOS/. You’ll need to copy this file over to the /Contents/MacOS folder inside the patch application package, overwriting the old ipatcher (size 204 or 208 kb) with the new one (size 212kb).

Now launch the game patcher thus modified and voilá, it will happily patch away.

Thanks to the author of those patches whose name i will add here in a couple of hours.

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Some things.

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 | life, technology | No Comments


0) welcome to all new subscribers. there have been a few. why don’t
you add me on twitter? phikappa’s the name.
1) i should integrate this posterous on my webpage, as i should do
with the twitter updates.
2) i never thought there would be a page 2 on this blog. i mean, when
did i have ever taken something so far as to page 2?
3) i started and as it looks it is not
something that will reach page 2.
4) i met someone who reminded me of how cool being geeky is and that i
should not repudiate my geekery as much as i do
5) speaking of geekery, my project of transforming my old ipaq 3660
into a online music / streaming station is still out on the
ocean. phyton is installed and lastfmproxy sort of running, but, alas,
no web interface so far. on my wlan-enabled htc wizard everything is
fine, i hope phyton+lastfmproxy will love the cf wlan card and bind to
an IP address.
5a) installing a semi-actual version of phyton onto a complete enemy
of connectivity like the ipaq (no wlan, no bt, only ir. IR!) is crazy,
but feels warm and fuzzy. still, not surprisingly, i need the wlan
card to make that thing useful.

that’s all. for now.


i KNEW it!

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Solow <3 slow growth!


Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 | technology | No Comments

one computer caffeine for my computer friend, one normal caffeine for
me because i’m normal.


The Quote of the Day

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 | economics, life | No Comments

At 10 am, we already have our winner.

“Auch im Steuerrecht muss für Liebe Platz sein”

(“In fiscal law too there must be place for Love”)

Thank you, Frank Hechtner.

And the new motto is…

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 | economics, life | No Comments

I’ve choosen my new motto for this exam session.

Ladies and Gents, i present to you the motivational item winnig this
semester’s competition.

"I set sails for the edge!"

Inspired by the song "Token of Time" by Ensiferum

That would be all.

a small courtesy reminder

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 | economics | No Comments

Paul Romer =! John Romer =! Christina Romer

You’re welcome.


The game of “what if…”: Episode I

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 | politics | No Comments

Dear reader, in this post, slated to become the first of a series
of witty commentaries about world affairs, you’ll find
booooring politics. Consider yourself advised. There be

Wouldn’t it be cool if people just stopped being as stupid and liars
as they are?
Consider the case of the zimbabwean “elections”. The UN moved to
declare the elections a farce and illegittimate, only to be stopped by
a South African veto. Reasons given? The “Security
Council [is] not in the business of certifying elections”
Ahhhhh COME ON! Why in the world is it a country near Zimbabwe, with a
lot of economic interest there, the only country to feel compelled to
point out the limits on what the Security Council is supposed to do
and what not?
I ask thee, o reader, have they discovered a sudden passion about
formalities? Is this the time to be picky about topics, foremost of
all THIS topic?

I really would feel better if South Africa just stood up and said “Oh,
we know you think Mugabe is bad and he orders all sort of nefarious
stuff and people die because of him, but we do a lot of business there
and well, we sorta like him. We are better off with than without him.
So just shut up criticising him, please? We don’t care about dead
politicians over there, we have our abundant share of them, we don’t
care if people starve, we only care about our own interest.”

It’s a position i would exclude them from every international
organisation for, but at least i would respect it.

Instead, they unleash a bullshit bonanza about what the Security
Council is made for. That’s like saying “we think that you’re all
stupid :)”

And that happens all the time. See Russia and Kosovo, see China and Burma.
I know everyone is going to ejaculate “ohhh but this is politics
stupid!!1!1!”. I know. But wouldn’t it be cool if, just in these
occasions, everyone would stop to bullshit and speak the truth about
their actions?

(p.s. this is a procrastination post. i really should do something else.)


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Can you tell the difference?

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Compare and see.

See the full gallery on posterous


Remind me, oh remind… Gmail

Monday, June 30th, 2008 | technology | No Comments

Because you will not find this easily on the web. Incredible as it sounds.

For our dear Robots: This is the Google Notifier 1.9.97 for Mac. ( also: GMail Notifier Google Notifier GoogleNotifier.dmg )

Click here to download:

GoogleNotifier(2).dmg (559 KB)

you’re welcome.


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