Can you tell the difference?

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Compare and see.

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Ohhhh yeah more Lenore!!!

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From the uberlord of comic genius, Ladies and Gents, i give you:


Spain – Germany 1:0

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If they go on playing like this, there will be no avail. Spain’s far
better, sometimes they love their passing so much they forget to
actually score, but other than that they’re showing great tennis.
Soccer. Whatever.

(from my mobile. why? because i can.)

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Remember the things to come

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A Deucalione there’s a lot of things i need to to. From learning
latin, to playing piano, to eating, to cleaning the bathroom (or else,
i know, my dear).
Well, i got a cool thing. Me and my fav Music.
Ok i admit it, it’s just a testpost.

Tsa Gangstaz by Windowpanefilms
Download now or listen on posterous

tsa gangstas.flv.ff.mp3 (4031 KB)

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